Mowing for a Greener Yard

It’s spring and the grass is certainly growing. Fast. To avoid being one of “those” neighbours who has the yard resembling a cow pasture, I pulled my old electric lawn mower out of the garage and initiated the season of lawn maintenance. The issue for me was that the on/off switch on the mower was failing, and I wasn’t comfortable operating it. Plus, towards the end of last summer, the mower missed cuts even though the blades were sharp. Unhappy with tripping over cords all the time, I decided it was time for a new mower. After reviewing the local ad flyers in the paper, I saw a sale on a fully manual reel mower. I’ve seen other people on my street use them, and the price was right for me, so I took the plunge and purchased it. I’ve been warned by others “Oh, you don’t want a reel mower – they’re too hard to push.”. Well, after 10 minutes of assembly, I was about to find out. I set the height of the mower and started pushing. To my surprise, it was fairly easy to push, and did an amazing job at cutting. Also, instead of the loud humming of a motor, the reel mower sounded more like the scene from Edward Scissorhands when Johnny Depp’s character was sculpting the hedges. I must admit, it did take longer to cut the lawn than it did with the powered motor mowers, but the unit was light and easy to maneuver. Plus I feel like I got a descent workout. After my first use, I did some more research to look up care and maintenance of my new mower and found some more benefits to using a reel mower that I had never previously considered. Besides the savings in costs of gas or electricity, experts say that the cutters of a reel mower cut the blades of grass using scissor action, whereas the rotating blade of a powered mower...

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